Everything you wanted to know about Plantation Shutters *but were afraid to ask.

Although plantation shutters remain one of Ireland’s favourite shutter solutions, for many, they still retain a little bit of mystery.
That name, for example, Plantation Shutters; invariably conjures up romanticised images of colossal mansions nestled deep in America's Frontier.
Does this association mean plantation shutters are outdated or timeless? Inspired or cliché? Are plantation shutters out of place in an Irish home?
What are plantation shutters even made of?
Feeling overwhelmed with questions? Worry not, because we intend to answer the most frequently asked questions about plantation shutters.

So that name, plantation shutters?

As the name so elegantly suggests, plantation shutters owe their origins to the American South.
Large farms that typical grew tobacco, coffee, sugar or cotton were known as plantations. These types of crops thrived in the American South’s sub-tropical climate.
However, this heat could be stifling for the plantation owners and workers. As such, the traditional window covering of curtains wasn’t appropriate and a new type of shutter was needed.
As such, plantation shutters were born.
These unique shutters – with large slates as opposed to the smaller slates associated with colonial shutters – were both a functional and beautiful solution to the heat problem.

Ok, my property isn’t in a sub-tropical climate. Are Plantation shutters really right for me?

Although plantation shutters did indeed start life as a way for farm owners to remain cool indoors, modern plantation shutters offer a high level of insulation.
Designed with the very latest insulated materials, our fully customisable plantation shutters keep the cold out and the heat in.

What Are Plantation Shutters Made Off?

Modern plantation shutters are made from a range of modern materials. Traditionally all plantation shutters were made from hardwood. Today, of course, plantation shutters are typically made from wood or PVC.

Aren’t Plantation Shutters a Little Old Fashioned?

Absolutely not. Our fully customisable plantation shutters come in a comprehensive range of contemporary finishes and colours. Their timeless shape -- when combined with a modern property’s internal or external colour scheme – creates a truly special window shade solution.

Do you still have questions? Please don’t hesitate in getting in contact with our offices today or visit our plantation shutters page. 


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