Printed Blinds

At Allshades Blinds, we are proud to offer our printed blinds service. We understand that everybody will have their own ideas when It comes to blinds, which is why we offer such a personalised service. This is available for various types of blinds, most commonly in our roller blind style. Our team can show you the different styles, colours and materials at the time of quotation, or you can call into our showroom to see our examples up close.

What are printed blinds?

Printed blinds are basically blinds that have your design, photo, logo etc. printed on them. 

This makes them ideal for businesses that want to reinforce their branding and really stand out. For homes, they are an excellent choice in themed rooms, such as bedrooms etc. 

Our team can walk you through the various options.

Advantage of Roman Blinds

  • A printed blind can really enhance your businesses, reinforcing branding and helping to tie in your overall theme.
  • A printed blind can add a certain look or feel to your home. Recreate the New York Skyline or print a favourite photo.
  • Enhance a theme in a children’s bedroom with a favourite character or movie scene.
  • All chains and cords are child safety fixed.

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